Why & How To Start Online Business

More and more people are starting online businesses, thanks to the IT era. This trend is irreversible and is here to stay whether you like it or not. Let’s face it: what awaits us in the future is unpredictable than ever before, with the emergence of AI, IoT and other technologies. The world is changing rapidly like no other times. Being an employee of a company or running a physical store can come to an end abruptly. On the other hand, e-commerce has become the norm worldwide and is evermore expanding. That is why you may want to give a serious thought to starting an online business that has various advantages such as the followings. Minimal Cost and Logistics.

1. Minimal Cost and Logistics

Unlike starting a business in the past, starting an online business requires minimal cost and logistics; no need to sign a lease agreement and rent an office, no need to employ personnel, no need to buy equipments, and the list goes on. That’s one great advantage right there.

All you need is a Laptop and Internet Connection To Run An Online Business
Why Start an Online Business and How? All you Need Is A Laptop And Internet Connection

2. Physical Freedom

Moreover, having an online business enables you Physical Freedom. Since you are not bound to a single, designated location that you have to commute to everyday, you can work from wherever you want as long as you have your mobile device or your laptop and internet connection. You can work from the comfort of your den, enjoy peace and quiet and privacy while you work. This can be extremely beneficial for those with chemical sensitivity or any other sensitivity for that matter.

3. Psychological Freedom

The byproduct advantage is the Psychological Freedom. You no longer have to put up with stressed out passengers on packed commuter trains; no more energy deprived of because of office politics; there is no need for you to attend social gatherings. You have autonomy. The less stress means more energy, which you can use to come up with new ideas, execute them, and create contents. You become more productive and inspired. Your physical and mental health will naturally improve. You will have more time to spend on doing what you love, work out or just chill out because you save time from not commuting.

Work from the comfort of your den
Why Start an Online Business and How? Work from the Comfort Of Your Den

4. Turn Your Passion & Ideas Into Business Online

Since you are the creator and owner of your business, you are your boss, the creative director, the marketing director, the designer, everything. Things that you love or passionate about can be promoted and offered to some 1.8 billion online consumers worldwide! Yes, according to Statista, 1.8 billion people shopped online in 2018, and consumers spent $3.5 trillion online in 2019!


The internet is THE PLACE where people go to for information and shopping. No other platform has this grand of a reach than the internet! Not utilizing such a massive, powerful platform is a gargantuan opportunity lost, indeed.

5. Online Business Protects You From Force Majeure

In addition to these upsides, I would like to direct your attention to another advantage: Protection from Force Majeure. The outbreak and spreading of the coronavirus of late is wreaking havoc around the globe, particularly in China and in Japan.

So many global corporations make products and parts or ingredients in China, and now, they are facing supply issues. Manufacturers are experiencing inventory shortages and backlogs. International travel has gone down tremendously. And so many meetings and conferences are canceled or postponed.

Coronavirus outbreak is impacting global business
Why Start An Online Business and How? Coronavirus outbreak is impacting global businesses.

However, if your business is online, you are not physically bound by external conditions. If you have established an online platform and have and income stream for an affiliate program, for example, you are not as much affected. You are flexible enough to adjust or change your business directions accordingly. As a matter of fact, you can continue to evolve your business following your passion and ideas because the possibilities are unlimited .

The possibilities of online business are unlimited
Why Start An Online Business And How? Online Business Possibilities are Unlimited!

For the above reasons, I strongly recommend that you start your online business as soon as you can. Why wait? You do not have to quit your job now; instead, you can keep the job while you get started on setting up your platform.

Don’t Know How To Start Business Online? Here’s How.

Perhaps you have been thinking about starting an online business for quite some time, but you don’t know how to get started. This may be the biggest reason that’s stopping so many people from taking action.

Don’t worry! No body is an expert from the beginning. You just have to have the right information and instructions and follow them. I am not at all a tech-savvy and I had NO IDEA how to start an online business, let alone how to create a website. But I managed to set up the platform by following a step-by-step instructions and receiving extensive support from an educational program called SFM. I could not have done it without their help, and I continue to receive coaching and support.


If you are serious about starting an online business, and a sustainable one at that, you need the right coaching and instructions. The coaching I am receiving may be helpful for you, too. You can learn more about it by clicking here:


You may be able to figure out yourself, or you may find other instructions or tools that would help you to get yourself started. No matter how, I wish you the best and success!

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