My Journey on Recovering from Sensitivity to Chemicals


Thank you for stopping by.

If you are here, I assume you may have some physical or mental condition disrupting your life at the moment? And perhaps you may be looking for a cure that’s like a needle in a haystack?

If that is the case, I can imagine how challenging to be in your shoes, because I’ve been there myself.

In this blog, let me share with you my experiences in:

  • Being challenged with a long-standing ordeal
  • Coming across a glimmer of hope
  • Cracking open a hole of possibility for recovery

I sincerely hope that what I share here on an ongoing-basis, would be helpful for you in some way.

Long-standing Ordeal

I have been suffering from sensitivity to multiple chemicals, or MCS, for more than 15 years.

In particular, I would get headaches, dizziness, nausea, breathing difficulties, skin and eye irritation, whenever I am in contact with chemical in the environment including:

  • shampoo
  • hairsprays
  • detergents
  • fabric softeners
  • air fresheners
  • deodorants
  • insecticides
  • paint
  • solvents
  • furniture
  • bed mattresses

among many others.

Just like a sommelier capable of sniffing subtleties of wine, those with MCS like me can sense different chemical odors and scents.

And so, I became homeless. Also, I lost my job. Plus, I was no longer able to do what I used to love doing like

  • going to theaters and museums
  • taking ballet classes
  • singing and acting in theater troupes
  • working out at gyms
  • flying and traveling
  • staying at various hotels
  • dining with friends

And the list just goes on…

In other words, it became almost impossible for me to be out in the public or inside in buildings with chemical materials. I no longer had a life nor a place to be.

Isolation became the norm. Being around family members became difficult.

I had gone to many doctors and clinics for help, but to no avail.

Moreover, I left no stone unturned: I tried just about everything that was out there:

  • Ayurvedic treatment
  • acupuncture
  • Various massages
  • past life regression therapy
  • family constellation sessions
  • wave activity water
  • flower essence
  • wave motion therapy
  • color therapy
  • sound therapy
  • exercises
  • yoga
  • diet and fasting
  • meditation
  • astrology reading
  • various spiritual and health related workshops
  • psychic
  • clairvoyant
  • healing
  • channeling
  • colon cleansing

But, none of it worked, really

As a result, I became completely exhausted and depressed from years of fatigue, and was about to give up. I felt like I was permanently trapped in a dungeon.

A Glimmer of Hope

However, at this darkest moment is when I saw a silver lining in a dark gloomy cloud: I found Dr. Joe Dispenza’s videos on YouTube!

In particular, this was a video titled “Healing by Thoughts Alone.”

He talks about

  • The power of a human mind: how thoughts can heal, dis-ease, or even kill you;
  • The placebo effect: by simply believing in a thought that you are receiving real substances or treatment can heal you

In addition, I watched a few other videos of his, and learned of so many people healing themselves from diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and irritable bowel syndrome.

The facts and information shared in his videos convinced me that this was my WAY OUT!

So, I immediately signed up for his online intensive and progressive workshops just two weeks ago. And, I am currently watching them with utter awe and delight.

At the same time, I have been meditating and pretending that I am healthy and wealthy. Often times, I, or my ego, get in the way, preventing me from going in deep. Nevertheless, I have been practicing this daily.

And guess what?!

I think I am starting to experience some changes already, although it’s just a tiny, baby step!

Has A Hole Cracked Open?

After a week into listening to the intensive workshop videos, I took on an interpretation assignment from a client. I had been working with client for several years, and had a very good business relationship with them.

However, as the scents and fragrance of cleaning and personal care products got stronger in general, I started getting more and more sensitive.

And as those products became widely consumed, some of the client members started using such products to which I started reacting.

Thus, I was not able to work for this client for a while.

But since I was running out of money from 5 years of being homeless, hotel-hopping and global trotting, in quest for clean air and a breathable room, I had to work.

So, I showed up on the day of the assignment, bracing for impact, assuming that the conference room would be smelly and that I’d become ill.

But lo and behold!

I didn’t sense any scent at all!

Can it be that they had stopped using such fragranced products? Or can it be that I have become somewhat desensitized?

Whichever the case, I was able to sit in the room for an hour without going dysfunctional whatsoever.

What a surprise! This was a completely new phenomenon!

If someone like me who was dreading for decades over seemingly an incurable dis-ease, can make a breakthrough with meditation, wouldn’t you agree that you may be able as well?

I am looking forward to how things unfold as I continue working on transforming myself following the teachings offered by Dr. Dispenza.

I’ll be updating my progress as I go along in this blog series.

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