Everything Is Vibration – Attune Your Vibration and Reclaim Your Health

“Everything in Life Is Vibration.” – Albert Einstein

Everything In Life Is Vibration.

Everything is vibration. All creatures vibrate at unique frequencies. Each human being creates a vibration unique to that individual. Plants have their own frequencies. Water, even frozen, and metals and rocks that appear solid, vibrate, too. And whey you are vibrating harmoniously, you are well. When your vibration is distorted, you are unwell. Thus, you can reclaim your health by attuning your vibration.

Since everything vibrates at a unique frequency, sniffing dogs, for example, can easily detect whether an individual is carrying cocaine, even when kept in an airtight jar. The smell of cocaine will not leak through outside of the jar. However, the aroma will, because it is vibrating. Sniffing dogs can detect the presence of cocaine because of the vibration unique to cocaine.

The fact that we are vibrating means that we are alive. When we stop vibrating, we are dead. Wild animals are said to be capable of telling whether a living being is alive or dead based on vibration.

Thus, vibration means life, and all life vibrates.

Attuned Vibration Means Health, Disorderly Vibration Spells Disease

When we are healthy, we are vibrating in an orderly manner; the wave form of our vibration looks natural and smooth. On the other hand, when our vibration is distorted, our vibration becomes distorted, throwing us off balance. This is why become sick.

For example, your shoulder becomes stiff, when your shoulder is distorted. Because of the distortion, the blood circulation around your shoulders is hampered, resulting in stiff shoulders.

Therefore, you can become healthy by attuning your vibration and making it orderly.

Attuned Torus Energy Circulation Attunes Your Vibes

Attuned Torus Energy Circulation Harmonizes Your Vibration

Torus is defined as

“a surface of generation generated by revolving a circle in a three- dimensional space about an axis that is coplanar with the circle.


This may sound a bit technical and archaic, but it simply means the geometrical shape that is depicted in the photograph above.

Torus is the fundamental topology of energy flow of all things in the universe. Your body creates a torus; your family, your community or even your country forms a torus. Apples, oranges, electrons, and galaxies, too, have torus energy cycles.

In a Torus,

  1. the energy flows out from one vortex, wraps around the circumference,
  2. flows into the second vortex,
  3. moves along the axis,
  4. flows out from the original vortex again.

This creates a self-sustaining system which represents the perfect energy flow.

Therefore, you can restore orderly and harmonious vibration by tuning the torus energy flow of your body. This will correct the distortion of your vibration. Thus, you start vibrating harmoniously again, and become healthy.


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