Discover How a Ill-stricken Conference Interpreter Went from Living Paycheck to Paycheck, Jobless and Homeless to Creating Income Remotely

Do you want to achieve financial and geographical freedom?

Are You Looking for A Way To Create Income Remotely From Anywhere in The World?

Are you looking for a way to liberate yourself from fear and stress over money?


I’m Noriko Hasegawa. Let me share with you the reason why I chose to work remotely and start an online business.

I was living an exciting and fulfilling life, and the last thing I expected was isolation.

Not because of fault of my own, however, I was left with health conditions that prevented me from going into majority of workplaces. I still had to be making a living and had to figure out how.

So I looked into many options and opportunities, and as a result, working remotely by starting an online business seemed like a great solution for me, which may be the case for you, too.

I am not in the position to say that this would be the best solution for everybody, nor can I guarantee that it would solve your situation.

But if you are like me, who need to work from a safe and isolated environment for whatever reason, who are born sensitive and/or need sufficient alone time to recharge your energy, who can connect with yourself better and be more creative by spending time by yourself… then this may be helpful for you, too.


My Background

I was born in the suburbs of Tokyo, Japan a few decades ago.

At the age of 6, I moved to New York because of my father’s work, and lived there for 5 years. Exposure to a diverse mix of people and culture earlier on in my life was eye-opening, even ground breaking. The experience taught me that all sorts of possibilities and opportunities are out there.

As a result, I became more unconventional, bold and intuitive. I was no longer able to resonate, think and live inside-the-box with limiting beliefs like most of the people in my neck of the woods, including my family. So spending my teenage days and onward in my “home” country was quite a challenge.

After graduating from a Japanese college with a degree in English Literature, I started working as a flight attendant, something I had always wanted to do as a child. I enjoyed working in the hospitality industry and flying to many places around the world, some of which I would not have gone on my own. So this was my first dream-come-true work experience.

However, smoking was allowed on board then until the mid 90s, and I soon started getting sick from secondhand smoke. As much as I loved working at cruising altitudes, I had to quit for health reasons.

Inevitable career change

Next, I started working as an interpreter and translator, which was also my dream job. Immersing myself in international settings and utilizing my English skills were intellectually stimulating and rewarding. It also took me to various places both domestic and abroad. However, once again, most workplaces allowed smoking on premise, and secondhand smoke was unavoidable.

After having worked for 20 plus companies and quitting because of the environmental smoke, just within the course of 2 years, I was exhausted.

I decided to try what I had always been passionate about; photography. And I enrolled myself in a creative school in the U.S. and studied commercial photography. After that, I looked for photography assistant positions, but once again, the smoke got in the way.

My savings were running out. So I went back to what I was doing before to make ends meet, but this time, on a freelance basis. Working as a freelancer enabled me to be selective and take on assignments that involved zero or near-zero secondhand smoke.

Finally, I was able to work care-free of the environment factors. I got to work with prominent figures and experts in various fields: private fund managers, investment bankers, lawyers, litigators, judges, multinational corporations, fashion houses, ad agencies, artists and athletes, racers, governmental agencies, etc. The job paid well and was very gratifying… until one day, all of a sudden, when I felt a sting in my heart; the passion I used to have for the profession was fading.

Onset of sensitivity to smells and things around me

Meanwhile, I started developing sensitivity to chemicals in the environment about the same time I started working as a freelancer. This was when diseases like Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) or Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) were still rare and unknown.

I first became sensitive to chemicals emitted from furniture and building materials. Over time, I started reacting to just about any chemicals used in households and in public places: insecticides, air fresheners, deodorants, perfume, detergents, fabric softeners, shampoo, hair spray, hand cream… you name it.

I had already moved 45 plus times at the point, and was no longer able to find an apartment or a house free of chemicals. Thinking the air would be better, I tried to relocate to Vancouver, but alas! Scented products there were just as or even more powerful; I moved three times within a month there before taking refuge at a hotel. Thus, back to square one.

Became homeless…

This was when I became homeless, when I started hotel-hopping, not out of luxury but out of necessity. I was still able to tolerate the environmental fragrance, and continued working.

But since 2 or 3 years ago, my sensitivity started getting worse as scents in general become stronger and stronger; I was physically, mentally and spiritually depleted from fatigue and various symptoms.

And slowly but surely, I was taking on lesser and lesser work, eating off of my savings.

I had to come up with “Plan B” to generate income, something that I could do alone without being around people physically.

I started researching furiously over the internet and came across SFM: a digital marketing education program on how to build an online business from scratch, that enables you to work from wherever, as long as you have a laptop or an Iphone. A completely new possibility was presented before my eyes!

My gut feeling was, “This is it!”, and I immediately signed up for the free video series, and began the training upon watching the videos. This was one of the best decisions I have made in my life!

IT had never been my forte and in fact, I was always intimidated by it. Moreover, building an online business was something that had never occurred to me. But I was at a point where I had no other alternatives but to take the plunge on educating myself online marketing. It was scary, but was well worth it! And this may be the case for you, too. It is never too late to learn new skills that can transform your life in a way you had never imagined before!

People are accessing to the digital market place and creating high profit margins with low overhead than ever before. The internet is the go-to place where businesses take place, where people communicate and search for information. It makes sense to be part of this most profitable and dynamic e-commerce venue, no matter how foreign and intimidating it may seem at first.

Your may be feeling restricted by your circumstances at the moment. Or, you may be feeling depressed or hopeless confronted with workplace stress or chronic symptoms that seem to have no constructive solutions or way out but to remove or move away from them. I was in your shoes, so I can relate.

If you are someone like me, I would suggest that you check out this online marketing education; this may be a way out for you, too. Building an online business may not be your passion; but it can set you free from financial and physical constraints!