Hi, I’m Noriko Hasegawa.

Thank you for visiting, and welcome!

At my friend’s apartment in Paris

If you’re here, that is probably because you want to find out how to make income remotely, from a safe environment for you, and get peace of mind as well as financial and geographical freedom.

In a nutshell, you are here because you are seriously looking for a solution to your burning issue, so that you can reclaim and improve your quality of life, right?

You may have had to leave work because you were no longer able to work in that environment for whatever reason…

You may be pressed to look for another means of income because you quit your job or became sick…

Or you may be sick and tired of the long commute and your pain-in-the-neck boss or colleague…

Then, the information that I am sharing here may help you, because I have been there myself.

In my case, my worsening sensitivity to chemicals in the environment forced me to change course.

And that is how I came across SFM, a training system that  teaches its members how to create and launch an online business step by step from scratch. You do not need any IT / tech experience, digital marketing experience, products or services to sell at all!

All tools, information and support provided enable me to do exactly this. It allows me to work from anywhere, as long as I have an internet connection and a laptop or an Iphone.

If you need to figure out a way to create income from home, like me, this may be a solution for you, too! Click this link: https://noriko-hasegawa.com/start/home